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Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary School & Day Nursery

Newbold and Tredington

C of E Primary School and Day Nursery

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Autumn Term

Emerald Class - Autumn term 2014

Mission Impossible

After solving the toaster crime in our own school, we were ready to put our recently acquired crime scene investigation skills to the test. At the Thinktank museum, we analysed hair and fibre samples using a microscope to find the culprit of the crime.

Thinktank workshop     Different fibres

In Science, we have been learning about how light travels in straight lines and that we can bend light using mirrors to reflect the light. We created pinhole cameras to replicate how the eyes work and made our own periscopes to spy on others using mirrors to reflect the light.

Pinhole camera     Pinhole camera     Pinhole camera

Using our knowledge of forces, we created gadgets to support a spy on their missions. Here are some of our inventions.

Spy gadget     Spy gadget

Scytale wheelCodes


We have researched ways that secret messages were sent in the past. Julius Caesar coded messages to his men which had to be deciphered using a wheel. Emerald class also became experts in using invisible ink, scytale wheels and Morse code. 


Roman Army prospectus



Did you know that the Roman Army were very successful and took over many countries including Britain? Read a prospectus and decide if you would like to join.




          Roman Army prospectus     Roman Army prospectus

A busy, action packed term!