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Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary School & Day Nursery

Newbold and Tredington

C of E Primary School and Day Nursery

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Class 3

We have been learning about The Romans. We know lots of facts.

"The Romans used powdered mouse brains as tooth paste!" by Lauren
"Roman people wore sandals." by Stacie
"When the Romans went to a battle, they had a shield and a sword and a cloak." by Tilly
"Romans put armour on their elephants as well as towers." by Sam
"People have lived in Rome and many parts of Italy since 3000BC." by Amelia
"Animal fights and large scale hunts were staged in the amphitheatre." by Finlay
"Romans spoke in Latin. by Sam The Romans were the first to use soap." by Tilly
"Roman teachers only taught boys." by Hannah
"Lots of roman things got buried under the ground." by James
"Romans introduced fallow deer to Britain to make the hunting better." by Finlay
"Some Roman generals in the army wore a suit of armour with feathers on the shoulders and knees." by Sam
"In roman times, if their children committed a crime, their parents could kill them." by Tilly

ROMAN POEM, by Finlay

"ROMANS, ROMANS introduced fallow deer
To kill them for food with a spear.
Naughty teachers would only teach boys
But also they also had really cool toys.
The forts were big, the ladies wore wigs,
And in their food they had lots of figs.
ROMANS,ROMANS look like raisins
But the Romans were very brazen.
Romans, Romans the catapult reeks,
And also the mousey toothpaste squeaks!!"


We know a lot about arrays. Would you like to see some?





Newbold and Tredington

"We have learnt lots about our skeletons. Our spines are made up of 33 little bones. Our bones are hard on the outside and spongy on the inside." by Amelia

Newbold and Tredington

"I love being in class 3 because we get to do loads of fun things in the morning. You have a selection of things to do. You can play Trugs, which is a reading game and you can do PRS which is a little game that tests you on maths. My favourite is going on the mac book and playing on BBC Bitesize. There are loads of games for maths and literacy. You can try to open a safe, make your own park and have a maths quiz." by Erin

Newbold and Tredington

"I love the work we do, it is very fun. We all get along in this class. All of us have targets that we work on and work hard to achieve. We have Mac books that we can use in the mornings whilst the teacher does the register. All of us have an Ocarina and a learning book. In the summer, we go on the field and play them." by Molly and Bea

Newbold and Tredington

"I like the climbing frame. It’s massive. We play tig and we hang upside down and we climb to the top. We jump and we have to try not to touch the ground when we’re playing tig." by Lauren Milloy

Newbold and Tredington