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Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary School & Day Nursery

Newbold and Tredington

C of E Primary School and Day Nursery

Creating a chance to SHINE everyday

Spring Term

Emerald Class



This half term, our topic has been Survival!

Take a look at the Rainforest that has grown in our classroom. As well as finding out about each layer of the Rainforest, we researched and drew animals that live there. In Science, we have looked at how animals and plants survive in their environment and how plants and animals are interdependent.


In order to be able to survive in extreme situations, we have been developing some useful skills. We designed and built shelters using resources that could be found outside or in nature e.g. fallen twigs. Some of our shelters were waterproof!







In Science, we investigated ways to keep a drink warm by wrapping cups in different

Delta, Year 6: “I found out that the cup with the tinfoil wrapped around it had the hottest water in after 30 minutes. This is because the metal insulated the heat and didn’t let much out. My prediction was correct.”